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The Dragonlingcover
by Jackie French Koller
Darek, nine, is envious of his older brother Clep's first dragonquest in spite of its inherent danger. When the hunters return to the village with their prize, the body of a Great Blue (one of the largest and fiercest of dragons), they also bring the body of Clep's best friend. Later that night, Darek discovers a whimpering young dragonling emerging
from the dead beast's pouch. In spite of his lifelong conditioning to hate dragons, he finds himself befriending the orphan; in helping him find the Valley of the Dragons, he learns that the few dragons left in the valley have no natural enmity toward humans and need not be feared or hunted. (Excerpt: School Library Journal)

The Eggcover
by M.P. Robinson
A beautifully written fantasy with luminous, richly hued artwork that is as evocative as the text. When George finds a gigantic egg in his mother's chicken house, he realizes that it is special. Lugging it back to his room, he keeps it warm and reads to it until a baby dragon pecks its way out of the shell. The hatchling decides that the boy must be his mother. "George had never been a mother before, but he knew that it was his motherly duty to teach the dragon dragony ways." Hence, lessons commence in flying, fire breathing, damsel distressing, and knight slaying. George successfully raises the creature, only to learn that he must say good-bye as the dragon goes off to search for his own family. He later returns, though, to take George on a breathtaking flight to the place where these creatures live. When it is time for the boy to leave, he gives his friend a tight squeeze. The beast, in return, roars. "George didn't speak Dragon, but he knew exactly what the dragon had said: `Thank you.'" (Excerpt: School Library Journal)

Raising Dragonscover
by Jerdine Nolan
...girl tells how an egg she finds on a "Sunday-before-supper walk" helps her discover her true calling -- raising dragons. Out of the egg comes a hatchling that she names Hank, and until crowds and undue attention force him to leave, he and the girl share everything from bedtime stories to nighttime flights under the stars. Although the narrator boohoos a heap when forced to say good-bye to Hank, she leaves him in his tropical homeland with the hope of seeing him again?and with a wheelbarrow full of dragon eggs to care for. (Excerpt: School Library Journal)

Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?cover
by Anne Rockwell
The concept of Global Warming is introduced to young students. According to many, the earth is heating up and the climate is changing. Rockwell explores the effects global warming has had thus far. Planting trees, riding bikes, and buying food which is not prepackaged etc. ae offered as ways to help. Rockwell gives a half-page to those who argue that Global Warming is not a valid theory.

Arctic Talecover
by Donnali Fifield
Arctic Tale accompanies a new Paramount Vantage motion picture from the producers of March of the Penguins, the 2005 Academy Award winner and highest-grossing natural history film of all time. The film, narrated by Queen Latifah, follows the dual drama of Seela and Nanu, a walrus calf and polar bear cub, as they embark on their
astonishing journey from infancy to maturity amidst the stark beauty of the Arctic landscape. Protected by mothers who will stop at nothing to ensure their safe passage to adulthood, both cubs romp in their cold playground as ever-present threats of starvation, predators, and a harsh homeland are overcome in an unrelenting life-and-death struggle to survive. (Amazon Summary)

The Thanksgiving Bowlcover
by Virginia L. Kroll.
Grandma hosts Thanksgiving each year. In the front hall sits the yellow "Thanksgiving Bowl". As each member of a family arrives she writes an "I'm thankful for" note and places it in the bowl. Grandma reads the notes during dessert and family members guess who wrote each note. The Thanksgiving, the bowl is accidentally left outside, where it rolls off on month by month series of adventures and then returns to where its journey began. -- Summary by Mrs. Chauncey (Holiday, Sequence of events.)

Saving Strawberry Farm
by Deborah Hopkinson
This beautifully illustrated picture book is set in a Midwestern town in 1933. Although times are hard, Mom sends young Davey to Mr. Russell's store to buy ice to make lemonade for a special Fourth of July treat. While there, he helps Miss Elsie carry a bag to her truck and learns that the kind woman is going to lose her farm to the bank. When Mr. Russell explains the idea of a penny auction, Davey keeps his coin instead of spending it on candy. On the way home, he shows it to the townspeople and encourages them to attend the auction. Later that day, he starts the bidding by yelling, One penny for Strawberry Farm! Other folks chime in, raising the amount by nickels and dimes instead of dollars, until Miss Elsie makes the final bid and is able to buy back her property.... -- School Library Journal excerpt
(Unit: Economics - Community)

Library Mouse
by Michelle Knudsen
Sam loves to read. Sam loves to write. Sam is a mouse who lives in a mouse hole in the reference section of the town library. Each evening, he leaves his house and reads, reads, reads. One evening he decides to write a book of his own entitled Squeak! A Mouse's Life. His books become so popular with the librarian and the children who listen to them during library storytime, that the "mysterious author" is asked to make an appearance at "Meet the Author Day". Sam is shy, but he comes up with a great way to share ... he places blank books and pencils next to a box with a sign that says, "Meet the Author". What do you think is in the box?
(Unit: Reading ~ Writing Connection, Story Elements)

Grandpa's Corner Store
by Dyanne DiSalvo-Ryan
Lucy's grandfather owns the local grocery store, and the child is worried that he will be forced to sell and move away from her once a new supermarket opens. Filled with love and determination, she is able to pull the neighborhood together and save her Grandpa's store. DiSalvo-Ryan illustrates how anger at a situation can be turned into something positive and emphasizes the importance of community in our lives... -- School Library Journal excerpt
(Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Family, Feelings)

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