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Third Grade Wikis

Wikis are used with third grade students only. Students will work independently and collaboratatively with classmates and have the opportunity to share their work with the entire class. We are using PB Wiki.

In 2006-07 - We will publish our research projects in our Peanut Butter Wiki.

  • Several third graders completed their thesis statements. Take a look!

In 2005-06 our Wiki project was divided as follows:

PLEASE NOTE: Content for last year's students was removed to allow teacher's and students to "play" with these WIKIS....

Our Solar System ~ Mrs. Catin
The Earth ~ Mrs. Danis
The Four Seasons & Weather - Mrs. Jacques
Animal Life ~ Mrs. Murray
Plant Life ~ Mrs. Greenbaum
Caring for Our Earth - Ecology ~ Mrs. Watkins





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What Are Wikis?

A wiki is a collaboratively developed and updated website. Website pages are created and edited directly in the web browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer) by anyone who has been granted editing rights.

A well-known wiki is WIKIPEDIA - the free encyclopedia

PRIVACY! Names and images of students will NEVER appear on the wiki entries! They will be known to our readers as Student 01 to Student nn -- the students will be assigned a number which is known only to school staff.


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