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What Are Blogs?

There are probably as many definitions as there are bloggers. People use blogs as online journals to share their "stories" -- anything they find interesting or newsworthy. Some authors use blogs to get input on their story ideas! Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news.

Blogs may include images, audio, and video.

Blogs may be private -- shared with networks of friends and family; or public -- have a worldwide audience of thousands.

Grandview Library Student Blogs

Student blogs will be used to draft, edit, and publish wrting responses in different genres. Students will also have the opportunity to include podcasts (audio) with their blog posts. Publishing will only be allowed with teacher approval. Blogging is "experimental" this year and will be used with third grade students only.

PRIVACY! Names and images of students will NEVER appear on the blog entries! They will be known to our readers as Student nn -- followed by a Class Code.

Important Rules About Blogging

Break the Rules and You Will Not Blog!

  1. Do not include your name - use your student number/class code.
  2. Do not include the name or address of our school.
  3. Check your post for spelling errors, grammar errors, etc. Paste your post into WORD and run spell check.
  4. Do not write about anyone else in your blog without his or her permission -- No Names!
  5. Use appropriate language.
  6. Do not write anything that could hurt someone's feelings.
  7. Never touch anyone elses blog entry.
  8. NOTE: You cannot leave comments for someone else unless you are logged in. Comments should be kind.

Our Blogs are Built with Learner Blogs
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