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Kamishibai Storytelling
Kami means paper and shibai means play. A paper play has the scenes of a story drawn on eight or ten large cards which are placed in order of the events that happen in the story. The story itself is written on the back of the cards so that the person reading or telling the story can hold up the stack of pictures and read the story at the same time. The story for picture one would be written on the back of the last picture, the story of number two would be written on the back of number one and so on. After reading each scene, the story teller places the picture of it at the back of the stack. The cards are usually made of poster board but large construction paper or butcher paper may also be used.

- See: The Kamishibai Man, by Alan Say
- Visit: The origin of manga: Storytelling Man

(Younger children can create a story using as few as 4 cards - Characters, Setting, Problem, Resolution. The problem can be introduced on card 1, 2 or 3. The setting can be combined with character card etc. Kamishibai envelopes can be made from sturdy watercolor paper and decorated using watercolor wash and allowed to dry. Fold paper into envelope form. The front of each envelope - 9" x 12" - is illustrated with title of story added last.)

Kamishibai for Kids:
Background on kamishibai, with complete unit plan to create your own with music and ideas for using Japanese storytelling. Order kamishibai stories.

Integrating Japanese Folk Tales:
Detailed guide with resources, web links and assessment rubric for original kamishibai stories.

(links from www.TeachingK-8.com May 2005)

Storytelling Activities Kit by Jerilynn Changar and Annette Harrison

"The Little Pine Tree" Adadpted from an Old German Folktale p.23 A story about a small pie tree who was not satisfied with who he was an wanted to be different.

"The Frog Prince" German Folktale Adapted from the Brothers Grimm p.57 This is a story about a princesses who didn't smile or laugh very often because she wanted everything to be PERFECT!.

"The Worry Bundles" Adadpted from an Old Jewish Folktale p.201 This is a story about a woodcutter who thought he had all the worries in the world.

"The Lion and the Mouse" Adadpted from Aesop's Fables p.223 A story about a mouse who helps a lion in spite of the lion's disbelief.

"Wombat Stew" p.232 One day, on the bands of a billabong, a very clever dingo caught a wombat...and decided to make ... WOMBAT STEW.

"Earth, Wind, Sun, Moon, and Stars" Adadpted from an Old African Folktale p.275 This is a story about wo friends, the Sun and the Moon -- who wanted Water to visit them.

"Grandmother Spider Sews the World Together" Adadpted from an Hopi Indian Tale p.285 A wonderful Hopi Indian story that helps people like you and like me to understand the earth and its animals and people. The Hopi grandfathers tell this story.

More Ready To Tell Tales by David Holt & Bill Mooney

"The Three Wishes" A Folktale from SwedenA poor woodsman lived with his wife in a tiny hut. Though he chopped wood every day, he never seemed to sell enough to buy any of the things they needed. Often he and his wife went hungry.

"The Belly Button Monster" A Traveling Tale from the United States p.38 Once there was a little boy named Jimmy. Jimmy was a good little boy. He minded his mother, his father, his teachers -- everyone. But there was one thing he could not seem to do. He could not seem to keep hi blankets on at night.

"Tigertail Soup" A Folktale from Jamaica p.56 Anansi can’t ever mind his own business. One day as he was walking past the king’s house, he heard the king say, “Ahh! Tigertail soup. How delicious. I love a good bowl of tigertail soup.

"The Cherry Tree Buck" A Folktale from the Pennsylvania Mountains p.88 When I was a boy growing up in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, my grandfather used to take me deer hunting up in the woods behind our house.

"Grandmother Spider Brings the Light" A Folktale from the Kiowa People of North America p.105 In the beginning, there was darkness, darkness, darkness. The animals couldn’t see where they were going, and they were always bumping into each other.

"Dog Tails" A Folktale from the Iroquois People of North America p.119 Long ago, so long ago no one can remember the time, there were no dogs – only wolves. But he women watched the wolves and saw how they were family animals, just like human beings.

"The Piper's Revenge" A Folktale from Scots-Irish Tradition p.127 Once upon a time, and a merry old time it was too, a piper had come from Scotland to Ireland to play his bagpipes for anyone who cared to listen. This was in the summertime and he played for people making hay in the fields, in small villages , and on farms.

"The Story of Anniko" A Folktale form Senegal p.158 There was once a little girl named Anniko who lived very happily in a village with her mother, father, sisters, and brothers until - one day - a very sad thing began to happen. A sickness came to her village and swept through like an angry fire. No one was spared - except Anniko.

"Quarrelsome Children" AESOP p.170 Once there was a man who had quarrelsome children. Even on his dying day they bickered. My last wish, he said, is for you to bring me a bundle of sticks.

"The Secret of the Animals" A Folktale from the Huron People of Quebec p.172 Once upon a time there were two orphans. One day the older brother said to the young, We are indeed so poor that we will soon die of hunger!

"Pine Trees for Sale!" A Folktale from Japan p.178 Gombei was a good man. Gombei was a poor man. Gombei was a man of few words. Every morning he sat at his table weaving straw into shoes, and these he sold at he marketplace.

"The Bottle Imp" From the story by Robert Louis Stevenson p.183 Keawe was a sailor from Hawaii. One day he found himself in San Francisco, walking around the city, looking at the great houses and thinking, How happy these people must be! No cares! No worries about money.

"The Tale of Delgadina" A Fairy Tale from Chile p.206 A little girl named Delgadina found a tiny red snake in the forest near her home. She made a beautiful painted box for the snake and played with him all day. Then at night she slipped the box beneath her bed. In the morning she saw that the snake had grown three times his size. He mother said, Its a magic snake. You must care for it.

Ready To Tell Tales by David Holt & Bill Mooney

"Fox's Sack" A Story from England p.21 cover Once upon a time there was a fox that was very hungry. He hadn't eaten for a long time. He had a sack, but there was nothing in it. "Oh," he said, "if only I had something in this sack. Something to eat.

"Lazy Jack" A Story from England p.43 Once there was a boy that everybody called lazy Jack. And there's a reason they called him Lazy Jack. Because he was laaaazy. Jack spent each summer lying out in the meadow, smelling the sweet grasses, and watching the sun cross the sky.

"The Magic Pot" A Story from China p.49 Once a poor but hardworking woodcutter was walking home from the forest, with an ax strapped to his back. Suddenly he came upon a large old pot made of brass. It was the biggest pot he had ever seen.

"The Mischievous Girl & the Hideous Creature" Adapted from American Folk Humor p.106 Once there was a girl who was doing what she love doing more than anything else: scaring her younger brother to death.

"How the Turtle Cracked His Shell" A Cherokee Story p.142 Nowadays, if you pick up Turtle and look him over carefully, you'll see that he shell is covered with cracks. But it wasn't always that way. In the old days, back in the days when the animals could talk, the turtle's shell was smooth and shiny like a mirror.

"The Magic Pomegranate" A Jewish Story p.180 Once there were three brothers who loved adventrue. One day they decided to go on a journey, each one to a different country, and to meet again on a certain day ten years later. Each brother was to bring back with him and unusual gift.

Stories To Play With by Hiroko Fujita

"Turkey Lake" p. 38 - You tell this story while adding more lines to the picture until it becomes a - surprise.

"The Old Coat" p. 48 Prepare the drawings shown. Show them to the children as you tell the story.

Shake-It-Up-Tales: Stories to Sing, Dance, Drum, and Act Out by Margaret Read MacDonald

"The Terrible Nung Guama: A Folktale from China" p.19 cover
An old woman lived alone in a hut high on the mountain. One day this old woman heard a terrible sound. Something was coming down the mountain path.

"Miera Miera Meow! A Folktale from the South of France" p. 25 cover
There once was a cat named Gattot who lived with a sheep named Mouton. Every day Gattot would go out to the forest to prowl. And Mouton would busy himself around the house.

"Telesik: A folktale from the Ukraine" p. 42 cover
When Telesik was little he begged and begged his parents to give him a little boat of his own so he could go out on the lake and fish.

"The Big Man Drum: A Dai Folktale from China" p. 75 cover
... Yan heard the monkey's chattering. Her lay very still to see what they would do.The monkeys gathered around and began to poke at him...

"The Girl Who Wore Too Much: A Pu-Thai Folktale from Isaan
(Northeastern Thailand) p. 85 cover
Aree's parent gave that girl everything she wanted. They showered that girl with gifts. If she saw earrings in the jewelry shop, her mother would say, "Oh Aree! Those earings would look so attractive on your dainty ears. We must buy them for you!

"Buchettino: A Folktale from Italy" p. 91 cover
Buchettino was such a good little boy. Everything his Mam told him to do, he did. If his Mama said, "Buchettino, go feed the dog," Buchettino went right away and fed the dog.

"What a Wonderful Life!: Retold from Jewish Fold Tradition" p. 125 cover
.. One evening the old man noticed .. the old woman's chair was squeaking every time she rocked. At first it had seemed like a small sound. But now that he had noticed it, it ws driving him crazy!

"The Elephants and the Bees: A Folktale from Thailand" p. 134 cover
...Help! Help! buzzed the bees. This smoke will kill us! We saved you, elephants. Now you must save us. Open your mouths! Open your mouths and let us come inside. We will be safe from the smoke!

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