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Dirt on My Shirtcover
by Jeff Foxworthy
In this hilarious collection of poems, comedian Jeff Foxworthy creates a neighborhood filled with fun, family, friends, and more. Here you'll meet Cousin Lizzy, Uncle Ed and Aunt Foo Foo, cows with horns that don't go beep, dads in sweaters, also sheep. From the thrill of flying to the imaginary planet Woosocket to bonding with a friend over a shared hatred of spinach, these poems capture the very essence of being a kid. Filled with sly humor and always affectionate, Dirt on My Shirt is sure to delight kids, big and little, everywhere. (Amazon Summary)

The Boy Who Loved Wordscover
by Roni Schotter
Selig is passionate about words-their sounds (tintinnabulating!), their taste (tantalizing!), and the way they moved his heart. An avid word-hoarder, he delights in discovering new terms, recording them on paper scraps, and stowing them in pockets. Unable to comprehend their son's strange predilection, his practical-minded parents worry about his future, and his classmates cruelly add oddball to his collection. After dreaming about a Yiddish Genie who advises him to embrace his passion and seek his life's poipose, Selig embarks on a journey of self-discovery. feeling weighted down by his vocabulary slips, he climbs a tree and carefully attaches them to the branches. Fantastically and fittingly, several of them blow into the hands of a poet who is struggling for the right adjectives to finish his verse. Selig realizes that his mission is to bestow his word wealth upon others. He tosses out luscious to accentuate a baker's wares, halts an argument with harmony, and invigorates an elderly man with spry. He grows up to find personal fulfillment and even true love.(Excerpt: School Library Journal)

Max's Wordscover
by Kate Banks
Maxs two older brothers are serious collectors: Benjamin saves stamps and Karl keeps coins. The youngest boy decides to accumulate words. He carefully selects them from newspapers and magazines, cutting out and sorting them by category: colors, foods, small ones, big ones. He copies entries from the dictionary onto pieces of paper and adds them to his mounting collection. It doesnt matter if coins or stamps are moved around, but words can be arranged and rearranged to create stories. Even though his siblings wont share pieces of their collections, Max gives away words and the three boys devise a short story together. Imaginative, softly colored illustrations reveal the gathered words scattered all over the pages. (Excerpt: School Library Journal)

Carmine: A Little More Redcover
by Melissa Sweet
Carmine is a painter, always in search of just the right color (especially anything in the red family) to add to her paintings. So when she and her dog Rufus set off on their bike to Granny's, she is too easily lured by a lovely meadow full of poppies. And, as she begins painting, she is too oblivious to danger lurking along the path. (Amazon

Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?cover
by Anne Rockwell
The concept of Global Warming is introduced to young students. According to many, the earth is heating up and the climate is changing. Rockwell explores the effects global warming has had thus far. Planting trees, riding bikes, and buying food which is not prepackaged etc. ae offered as ways to help. Rockwell gives a half-page to those who argue that Global Warming is not a valid theory.

Arctic Talecover
by Donnali Fifield
Arctic Tale accompanies a new Paramount Vantage motion picture from the producers of March of the Penguins, the 2005 Academy Award winner and highest-grossing natural history film of all time. The film, narrated by Queen Latifah, follows the dual drama of Seela and Nanu, a walrus calf and polar bear cub, as they embark on their
astonishing journey from infancy to maturity amidst the stark beauty of the Arctic landscape. Protected by mothers who will stop at nothing to ensure their safe passage to adulthood, both cubs romp in their cold playground as ever-present threats of starvation, predators, and a harsh homeland are overcome in an unrelenting life-and-death struggle to survive. (Amazon Summary)

The Three Snow Bearscover
by Jan Brett
Aloo-ki glances up from fishing and sees her sled dogs floating off on an ice floe. She races after them and comes upon an igloo. Being a curious girl, she goes inside only to find no one home. That’s because the polar bear family who lives there is out walking while their breakfast cools off. Aloo-ki eats some soup, tries on their boots, and finally crawls into the smallest bed for a nap. Meanwhile, Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear see her dogs adrift, swim out to rescue them and return home to find Aloo-ki fast asleep in Baby Bear's bed. Jan traveled to the far North to meet the Inuit people and see the amazing land where they live. Dramatic illustrations capture the shimmering ice,
snow and deep blue seas of the Arctic, and when Jan adds a raven-haired Inuit girl and her appealing huskies, an endearing family of polar bears, and playful Arctic animals in the borders, the result is one of her most beautiful picture books. (Amazon Summary)

Knut: How One Little Polar Bear Captivated the Worldcover
by Juliana Hatkoff et.al and Dr. Gerald R.
When Knut was born, the first polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo in more than thirty years, he was no bigger than a
snowball and unable to care for himself. His mother, a rescued East German circus bear, didn't know how to take care of Knut and rejected him. Knut would have died if it weren't for Thomas Dorflein, a zookeeper who nurtured Knut, feeding him, sleeping with him, and giving him the love and attention Knut needed to thrive. But Thomas wasn't the only one who adopted Knut. The adorable little polar bear captured the world's attention, and now Knut is loved around the globe.(Amazon Summary)

The Thanksgiving Bowlcover
by Virginia L. Kroll.
Grandma hosts Thanksgiving each year. In the front hall sits the yellow "Thanksgiving Bowl". As each member of a family arrives she writes an "I'm thankful for" note and places it in the bowl. Grandma reads the notes during dessert and family members guess who wrote each note. The Thanksgiving, the bowl is accidentally left outside, where it rolls off on month by month series of adventures and then returns to where its journey began. -- Summary by Mrs. Chauncey (Holiday, Sequence of events.)

Jack the Seal and the Sea cover
by Gerald Aschenbrenner.
Jack spends his days sailing the sea and taking in nets full of half-dead fish, ignoring the polluted condition of the water, until he finds an ailing seal and receives a message from the sea itself about its sorry state. Jack takes the message back to his community, encouraging everyone to take some responsibility for the cleanliness of the ocean. He decides that the message has to be spread beyond his own town and takes up the cause in earnest. -- Card Catalog & Summary by Mrs. Chauncey (Ecology, Problem Solving, Community)

Jeff and Mr. James Pondcover by Esther MacBain Meeks. An oldie but goodie, Jeff helps his neighbor Mr. James dig a pond which will be a drinking hole for his cows. But one thing leads to another -- green scum, too many fleas, too many minnows .. how will they keep the pond clean? Finding the right balance is the key to the problem. Don't discard this one if you find it on your shelf. The story is a delightful starting place for a unit on ecology. -- Summary by Mrs. Chauncey (Ecology, Balance, Problem Solving, Community)

Hey Little Ant cover by Phillip M. Hoose. A bespectacled ant, loaded down with two shopping bags, is confronted by a human youngster intent on stepping on him. Before the boy can carry out his threat, the ant begs him to reconsider. Each double-page spread is devoted to one character expressing his opinion in the life vs. death debate. The brightly colored, full-page cartoon illustrations, rendered in pen, ink, and watercolor, capably convey the obvious differences and the surprising similarities of the two main characters. The boy is urged to look at things from the ant's point of view before deciding on his course of action. The tale's conclusion is open-ended as readers are asked, "What do you think that kid should do?" The accompanying picture shows a huge sneaker posed above the tiny ant. -- School Library Journal excerpt (Ecology, Music)

Grandma's Feather Bedcover by Christopher Canyon. Hooray for feather beds! Huge and soft, the perfect place to play ... and before you know it ... sleep. One of John Denver’s most popular songs brings back favorite childhood memories. This is the fourth in Dawn Publications' highly acclaimed John Denver & Kids picture book series, adapted and illustrated by award-winning artist Christopher Canyon. The hardback edition comes with a CD of John Denver singing this children's classic. -- Amazon Editorial Review (Music & Literacy)

Library Mouse
by Michelle Knudsen
Sam loves to read. Sam loves to write. Sam is a mouse who lives in a mouse hole in the reference section of the town library. Each evening, he leaves his house and reads, reads, reads. One evening he decides to write a book of his own entitled Squeak! A Mouse's Life. His books become so popular with the librarian and the children who listen to them during library storytime, that the "mysterious author" is asked to make an appearance at "Meet the Author Day". Sam is shy, but he comes up with a great way to share ... he places blank books and pencils next to a box with a sign that says, "Meet the Author". What do you think is in the box?
(Unit: Reading ~ Writing Connection, Story Elements)

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