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Fox Makes Friends

by Adam Relf
Poor little Fox! He's all alone in his room, with no friends at all. So when Mama suggests that he make some, Fox sets out to do that...literally. "What can I make a friend out of?" he wonders. Soon, he's gathered all the materials he things he needs--sticks, stones, fruit, and more--and built his first friend. "Are you my friend?" Fox asks. "Can you come and play?" But it doesn't reply and it doesn't move. What could be wrong? Only when a variety of curious animals come round to help that Fox discovers what pals are all about. Amazon Excerpt (Unit: Habitats, Animal Behavior, Friendship)

Little Quacks New Friend
cover coverby Lauren Thompson
In this fourth entry about an adorable duck, Little Quack and his four visually distinct siblings meet Little Ribbit. While the other ducklings are wary of him at first–hes too little, too green, and a FROG!–Little Quack has no such hesitations, and quack, quack, ribbit, ribbit! off they go. As it turns out, the frogs sense of fun perfectly matches that of the ducks. He loves to splash, squish in the mud, bounce on a log, and dunk in the water. As their play moves from one activity to the next, the other ducklings join in the fun one by one. The text uses repetitive phrasing, lively wordplay, and entertaining sound effects (Plunka, splunka, plunka, splunka, plunk!) to move the story along. School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Habitats, Animal Behavior, Friendship)

Best Best Friends
cover cover by Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Mary and Clare spend their days at preschool together. They hug when they meet, hold hands while going out to the playground, and sit next to one another at storytime. All goes smoothly until the day of Mary's birthday, when she gets special privileges and much attention from the teacher and other students. Clare grows resentful and starts an argument, which ends with both girls angrily yelling, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND! They each play with other children and have time to cool off. When naptime is over, Clare presents her friend with a hand-drawn picture and wishes her a Happy birthday. Mary graciously accepts the gift, an unspoken apology, and the two are friends once again. No adult guides them toward reconciliation; these children simply figure out for themselves what is important.
School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Habitats, Animal Behavior, Friendship)

The Popcorn Dragon
cover cover by Jane Thayer
This new edition of the much-loved story of Dexter, a young dragon who loses all his friends when he shows off blowing smoke rings ... The resolution, in which he wins back his friends by sharing with them his new found ability to pop corn straight from the husks, will thoroughly delight a new generation of children.
School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Individual Development & Identity, Friendship)

You Can Do It Sam
cover cover by Amy Hest
In this third visit to the cozy home of a little bear and his loving mama, Sam has grown just a bit bigger, but not much bolder. When the two of them set out to make early-morning deliveries of the tasty cakes they have baked for their friends, Mrs. Bear encourages him to go to their doors. "All by myself?" he whispers. A heartening hug helps him to muster up his courage and make his way through the new snow to leave a red-bagged surprise on the doorsteps of several houses. And when they return home from making these neighborly gestures, there are two bags left over, just right for a brave little cub and his caring mother. School Library Journal Excerpt
(Unit: Individual Development & Identity, Responsibility)

The Little Red Hencover cover
by Jerry Pinkney
Important lessons of work ethics, initiative, and natural consequence are delivered in the latest addition to what might be considered the Pinkney classic bookshelf a lush, light-filled rendition of a folktale staple. School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Work Ethic, Consequences, Fairness)

Bread Bakerycover cover
by Catherine Anderson
"Where Does Bread Come From?" would seem to be a location rather than "flour," the food's key ingredient. The format and numerous access points-a contents page, unfamiliar terms presented in bold print and linked to a picture glossary, and an index-make the books especially suitable for beginning research projects.
School Library Journal Excerpt

From Wheat to Breadcover

by Kristin Thoennes Keller
An introduction to the basic concepts of food production, distribution, and consumption by tracing the production of bread from wheat to the finished product.

Don't Forget I Love You
cover cover by Miriam Moss
Although Mama bear tries to hurry her son along, he spends so much time getting his stuffed rabbit ready for nursery school that they leave the house behind schedule. They lose more precious minutes when she must rescue Rabbit after Billy drops him in the rain, and she rushes off to work without returning the toy to him. As the young bear unpacks his lunchbox in his classroom, he laments, "Mama didn't say I love you." She always says I love you." Before long, however, she returns to offer her tearful son a hug, his rabbit friend, and a comforting "I love you." -- School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Family, Feelings, Character, Setting, Problem, Solution)

Sam's Winter Hatcover

by Albert Lamb
- Watch and Listen - Reading Activity
Sam is absentminded. While outside playing, the little cub removes his coat. Just as his mother discovers that it is missing, his friend returns it. The next day, the bear takes off his mittens to fix his bike and returns home without them. Just then his father comes home bearing the mittens, found in the garage. Then Sam loses the hat his Grandma sent. Struggling to remember where it could be, he topples over and looks up to find it stuck on a tree branch above the fence he just climbed. -- School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Character, Setting, Problem, Solution)

Where's My Sockcover

by Joyce Dunbar
Socks to Print for Activity
Pippin, a young mouse, cant find one of his yellow socks with the clocks on it anywhere, so Tog, a cat, steps in to help. They turn up socks stuffed in shoes, left in washing machines, and lost behind furniture. They pair them all up but the misplaced yellow one is still not to be found. Finally the friends agree to wear mismatched socks. When Pippin helps Tog take off his boots, they discover that Tog was wearing the missing sock all along. Dunbar tells this story in dialogue and in simple, fluid prose. -- School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Character, Setting, Problem, Solution - Math Connections)

Curious George Visits the Librarycover
by H.A. Rey's
PreSchool-Grade 3-George is lucky to arrive at the library just in time for story hour. But it's not easy for a little monkey to sit still too long. From selecting books to getting his very own library card, George's day at the library makes reading fun. -- Amazon (Unit: Character, Setting, Problem, Solution)

Curious George Makes Pancakescover
by H.A. Rey's
PreSchool-Grade 3-It's time for one of George's favorite events, the annual pancake breakfast fundraiser for the children's hospital. When George begins adding blueberries to the pancakes, the line becomes so long that the man making the pancakes has to go for more help. When the man discovers that a monkey is making his pancakes, George leads him on an action filled romp through the event, ending with George raising so much money at the dunk tank that he is given the honor of presenting the money to the president of the hospital. -- School Library Journal Excerpt (Unit: Character, Setting, Problem, Solution)

Curious George Visits a Toy Storecover
by H.A. Rey's
A new toy store is opening and George can't wait. Once George gets inside, the owner thinks his antics may be bad for business. It's not long before George has her jumping through hoops to try to contain his curiosity. Will George's playful nature really drive customers away, or will everyone's favorite monkey find a clever way to save the day? -- Amazon Book Description (Unit: Character, Setting, Problem, Solution)

Mr. Gumpy's Outingcover
by John Burningham
Kind-hearted Mr. Gumpy allows too many passengers to accompany him on his little barge. Despite his warnings about proper behavior, his shipmates tip the boat. (Unit: Sequence and Repetition)

The Ticky-Tacky Dollcover
by Cynthia Rylant
A little girl worries about going to school for the first time and leaving her ticky-tacky doll that Grandmama made behind. The child is unable to eat or pay attention and her teachers and family are concerned. Only her observant grandmother is able to figure out what is wrong, and she devises the perfect solution: she sews a miniature version of the doll that fits into the corner of the little girl's book bag.. -- School Library Journal excerpt
(Unit: Family, Feelings)

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up In a Ballcover
by Vicki Churchill
Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball So no one can see me because I'm so small. A new format for the hugely praised bestseller. Little wombat spends a day doing favorite things-what could they be? Are they your favorites, too? Let's look and see. Soft-toned illustrations portray an endearing little wombat and the warm and friendly world around him. Every page is filled with charming details that stand up to repeated viewings: cute mice, rabbits, and turtles peering from behind tall grass, marching pigeons, and a menagerie of other adorable animals. The images, along with the lyrically rhyming text, combine to make a sweet-spirited bedtime story to ease young ones to sleep. -- Amazon excerpt
(Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Feelings)

Frog and Toad Togethercover
by Arnold Lobel
This pair of amphibian pals likes to do everything together, from list making to flower growing to dragon vanquishing. And when Toad bakes cookies one day, the two try to develop willpower together. The Frog and Toad series, including Frog and Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad All Year, and Days with Frog and Toad, is perfect for new readers. -- Amazon excerpt
(Unit: Individual Development & Identity, Communication, Friendship)

The Puddle
cover coverby David McPhail
A puddle and a few imaginary friends create a rainy-day adventure for a little boy. While attempting to sail his toy boat across the puddle, the young narrator encounters an unruly frog who hijacks the boat and recklessly crashes it into a turtle floating on his back and drinking tea. The protagonist is unable to retrieve his boat since his mother told him to stay out of the puddle. A giant alligator kindly offers to rescue it, but crushes it in his powerful jaws. An elephant drinks up the water and sprays it all over the other animals. The sun comes out, the puddle dries up, and everyone departs. Back at home, the child's mother has a hot bath waiting for him, and he happily sails his boat in peace.
-- School Library Journal excerpt
(Unit: Story Sequence, Imagination)

Teddy Bear Baker
cover coverby Carol Carrick
Follows an industrious teddy bear baker through his busy day baking his goods and selling them to his customers. This is an older book in our collection, but the delightfull story is a good one to introduce story sequence ... what did Teddy Bear do first etc. Extend to sequencing of other activities -- use of graphic organizers.
-- Amazon
(Unit: Story Sequence)

Kevin and His Dad
cover coverby Irene Smalls
While Mom's away one Saturday, Kevin and his dad spend a companionable day together. First, they clean the house, then they have a little batting practice in the park, and, finally, the guys enjoy an action movie followed by a snack and a walk home. The simple language and unobtrusive rhyme of the text is well matched by the soft, realistic illustrations in oils, which show an African-American father and son quietly savoring their time together. Good humor-and a bit of lighthearted silliness that transforms ordinary chores into something special and enjoyable-is shown in such recognizable bits of action as using a feather duster on the nose of their golden retriever, who manages to involve himself in every activity. -- School Library Journal (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Family)

My Pony
cover coverby Susan Jeffers
The pigtailed narrator of this enchanting story wants a pony of her own. Her parents tell her that a horse is too expensive and that they don't have enough room, so she draws pictures of a horse. Her art takes her to a magical world where she rides a beautiful, dappled silver horse through forests and clouds. When she returns from her journey, she is happy because her imaginary animal "waits just outside my window. -- School Library Journal (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Wants and Needs)

I Love You Stinky Face
coverby Lisa Mccourt
"But Mama, but Mama, what if I were a super smelly skunk, and I smelled so bad that my name was Stinky Face?"Mothers love their children and this unconditional love is truly tested in I LOVE YOU, STINKY FACE. Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore beautifully weave a reassuring tale of the love and affection of a parent. The imaginative son turns himself into a meat-eating dinosaur, a swamp creature and much, much more before being satisfied with the fact that no matter how stinky he is or how slimy of a creature he could possibly be, he is loved and nothing will change that. (Amazon)

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