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Kindergarten 2005-2006

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The Button Box
cover coverby Margarette S. Reid
The first two pages of this book are almost exciting. A boy narrator states he likes the contents of a special box at his grandmother's house. Turn the page and there is a box of buttons--no words--just buttons. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. The boy describes various buttons, telling what he imagines and knows about them--that some came from shoes or from his grandfather's pants. A brief history of buttons appears in the back. School Library Journal excerpt
Mrs. Chauncey brings out her box of buttons -- children sort the buttons, create patterns, and then select one button which they use to tell a story.-- (Unit: Connections, Imagination)

Froggy's Baby Sister
cover coverby Jonathan London
Froggy waits eagerly for his brother to be born. When Pollywogilina ("you can call her Polly for short") finally arrives, Froggy gets over his disappointment at her gender, but quickly loses patience with her inability to do anything. He wants to teach her how to jump off a swing, bounce on a pogo stick, and catch flies with her tongue. "But Polly was too little." Will she ever be big enough to play? -- Amazon (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Family)

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed
cover coverby Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Ella Sarah is a kid with flair, and she has a special outfit in mind: "my pink polka-dot pants, my dress with orange-and-green flowers, my purple-and-blue striped socks, my yellow shoes, and my red hat." Mom, Dad, and Big Sister offer alternate ensembles, complaining that Ella Sarah's outfit is "too dressy" and "too silly," but Ella Sarah insists on her own choice and finally manages to pull everything on. Then the doorbell rings. In walks a crowd of Ella Sarah's young friends, dressed in equally flamboyant clothes, and the glamorous kids enjoy a tea party. -- American Library Association (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Likes and Dislikes)

Here Are My Hands
cover coverby Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault
A delightfully simple book of rhymes about parts of the body: Here is my head for thinking and knowing. Here is my nose for smelling and blowing. The book includes hands, feet, head, nose, eyes, ears, knees, neck, cheeks, teeth, arm, and finally the skin that bundles me in. -- School Library Journal (Unit: All About Me)

I Am Not Going to School Today
cover coverby Robie H. Harris
After packing his knapsack and choosing his clothes for the next morning, a young boy feels ready for just about anything. However, once the lights are out, he clutches Hank, his stuffed monkey, and begins to worry. Before breakfast, he declares that he intends to stay home, "Because on the very first day of school, you don't know anything!" His parents patiently address his concerns, which include not being familiar with the routine and a reluctance to leave Hank behind, and Mom comes up with the idea of taking the monkey along.--School Library Journal (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Fears)

My Five Senses
cover coverby Aliki
Slight in text, but often visually striking, this book introduces the subject through photographs of five children, each of a different race or ethnicity. An African-American girl looks at herself, her shadow, her dog, and her city, each illustrated with a full-color photograph of her interacting with the topic at hand. The pattern is repeated by each child: "with my nose I smell popcorn, a horse, flowers, and garbage. With my mouth I taste..." Finally, readers are told, "With our five senses, we enjoy our world." -- School Library Journal excerpt (Unit: My Body)

I Pledge Allegiance: the Pledge of Allegiance
cover by Bill Martin, Jr.
This engaging, informative book not only emphasizes the importance of this ritual, but also gives the history and significance of each word and phrase, e.g., "A pledge is a promise." "Allegiance is loyalty." -- School Library Journal (Unit: Patriotism)

Dear Mr. Blueberry
cover coverby Simon James
It is summer, and Emily discovers that a whale is living in the pond in her yard. Eager to learn more about this amazing animal, she writes a series of letters to her teacher, Mr. Blueberry, asking for information about whales and their habits. The humor of the situation lies in Mr. Blueberry's replies. He sends Emily some details, but he is also quite adamant that whatever is in her pond is not a whale since they live in salt water. Nevertheless, both Emily and readers know that indeed there is a whale in the pond, and the proof is the amusing, full-page watercolor cartoons. Emily shares her letters with the whale, who, after hearing about his species' migratory habits, leaves the pond to return to the ocean.
-- School Library Journal excerpt
(Unit: Communication, Language for Social Interaction)

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