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Welcome to Kindergarten ~ 2008-09!

I Like It When . . .
by Mary Murphy

The young penguin in this board book edition of Mary Murphy's perennial favorite likes holding hands, dancing, eating new things, reading, and having all sorts of fun with an affectionate and caring older penguin. Perfect for little ones--and for the ones they love!
(Amazon Product Review)


A You're Adorable
by Buddy Kaye

A You're adorable
B You're so beautiful
C You're a cutie full of charm
You'll be delighted by this delicious trip through the alphabet! Sing along as a lively company of children and assorted pets scamper across the bright pages and through the letters from A to Z. With warm and charming illustrations by Martha Alexander, this popular song of the 1940s has become a captivating picture book for all ages. Complete with the music for the song, A YOU'RE ADORABLE is a ditty for your darling, a song for your sweetheart, a valentine for anytime! (Amazon Description)


The Grouchy Ladybug
by Eric Carl

This book tells the story of a grouchy ladybug who didn't want to share the juicy aphids that he found on a leaf with anyone else. He decides to fight over the aphids with another ladybug, but then determines that she is too small, so he goes off in search of a more worthy opponent. As each hour passes, he encounters another creature, larger and more fearsome than the last, and he dismisses each one in turn until, tired and hungry, he ends up back at the leaf again to share the last of the aphids with the friendly ladybug. (Amazon Reviewer Erika Mitchell)


cover Ladybug
by Karen Hartley

Grade 1-3-Three simply written introductions with visual pizzazz. A large, full-color photograph of the animal dominates almost every page, while a short paragraph of large-print text appears either above or beneath it. Organization of material is good. Each two-page section covers a different topic. Chapter headings come in the form of bold-print questions, e.g., "How do ladybugs grow?" Each title succinctly describes its subject's major physical or behavioral characteristics: life cycle, average life span, habitat, diet, and natural enemies. The books are clearly written and do a good job of presenting basic facts. However, some useful information has been omitted. In Ladybug, the pupal stage of development is not depicted, although the text mentions it-all other stages are shown. (Excerpt School Library Journal)


Are You a Ladybug?
by Judy Allen

PreSchool-Grade 2-Short sentences in large print are juxtaposed against colorful, close-up, watercolor-and-pencil illustrations. Each accessible book begins with its title question and tells readers how they would experience life as that creature, keeping the familiar form of address throughout, e.g., "If you are [a ladybug], your parents look like this, and they eat-." The books briefly describe their subjects' birth, growth and development, a few outstanding physical and behavioral characteristics, diet, habitat, and natural enemies. (Excerpt School Library Journal)




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