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Lost Mitten Story by Marcella

A little girl named Anna loved her pink and purple mittens very much. Anna's family was poor, so she had to work on a farm every hour to earn money. On a cold day, Anna was feeding the cows and one of her mittens fell into one of the cow's food. Anna asked her mom if she knew where her mitten was.

Her mom said "I don't know!"

Then she asked her dad and her dad said the same thing. She looked in the bird cages and then she looked in the horses' hay.

She yelled, "I found it. I found it in the horses' hay. I found it, my lovely mitten! Yay!"

Ladybug Research Fall 2008

Mrs. Hirsch's Class

Mrs. Greaux's Class

The Kindergarten and 1st graders are learning about ladybugs. We read three non-fiction books about ladybugs and filled in our Ladybug Project Organizer together. Then the children had an opportunity to work on the notebook computers. This model and follow approach works beautifully with young students. The children made ladybug book covers for our fact booklets. To view some images which "walk you" through our ladybug unit view our process video.

Process Video .

Kamishibai Storytelling 2008
by Mrs. DeMaggio's Class.

Students wrote and illustrated stories in their classrooms and entered them into the Kamishibai Storytelling Project Organizer.
Next, we scanned the illustrations and recorded the stories.

Click the camera next to each name and enjoy!


Show and Tell Lion
by Barbara Abercrombie
Matthew has nothing to share for show-and-tell, so he informs his class that a lion is living at his house. The class believes him and Matthew shares tales of Larry's adventures. When the class tells Matthew that they want to go on a field trip to his house to visit Larry, Matthew panics. His mother tells him he has to tell the class the truth.

The students enjoyed creating their own lion "tales".

Mrs. Brelesky Mrs. Ferrante
Mrs. DeMaggio Mrs. Gales
Mrs. Jacques Mrs. Miele
Mrs. Randhare Mrs. Hepburn

Teleprompter Biographies
February 2008

Teleprompter Project Organizer

Captured with Camtasia

Shirley Temple Walt Disney
Princess Diana .

Octopus Research

January 2008

We have been learning about the Octopus. We've read books, watched video clips, created an ocean mural, and recorded our own videos. You can visit our Octopus Research Project Organizer.

We asked some children what they knew about octopus BEFORE we started our unit study:

   CobinAM:    PM: GreauxPM:
       Hirsch: Miele:         Miller:

Click the Video Camera to Watch!

Mrs. Brelesky Mrs. Duffy
Mrs. Miller Mrs. DeMaggio
Mrs. Gales Mrs. Feldberg
Mrs. Hepburn Mrs. Lofberg
Mrs. Rs Mrs. Secanechia

This is a picture of our mural -- it's a lot bigger,
but we couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture!

How to Make a Snowflake with Imelda

December 2007
Click Snowflake!

Mrs. Lofberg's Wild Things

October 2007
Click Book Cover!

Panda Bear Research
October 2007

For the past few weeks we have been learning about Panda Bears. First, we read a fiction book, Panda Goes to School, by Jaye Morrow.

Next, we asked the children what they knew about pandas already -- here are some of their thoughts:

1:    2:    3:

Then we read a non-fiction book, Little Panda, by Joanne Ryder.Then, while Mrs. Chauncey read to us, we were put on our detective hats and listened for facts about Pandas. We enjoyed some video clips about pandas. We also watched some pandas live at the zoo ~ Click the link to see the: Atlanta Zoo Live Webcam. Mrs. Chauncey helped us to organize our facts and write sentences. We read our facts wearing our panda bear masks. We pretended that we were on a real TV show!

Click the Video Cameras to Watch!

Mrs. Cobin ~ AM Mrs. Cobin ~ PM
Mrs. Greaux ~ AM Mrs. Greaux - PM
Mrs. Duffy Mrs. Secanechia
Mrs. Brelesky Ms. Miele

Finally, we will print our facts and create mini Panda Bear Facts booklets to take home.

Videos: Webcam Atlanta Zoo, Panda Baby Grows Up, Panda Exam at Zoo
Images: Panda Mask, 4-Up For Booklets (patience while they load!)

Kamishibai Storytelling
May 2007
Turn on you speakers!

The 1st & 2nd Graders are listened to and are creating their own Kamishibai stories. As stories are completed, we will share them here:

Bananas the Monkey ~ Sophia Class 2B


Authors Visit Grandview
April 2007

Steven Kellogg ~ Watch and Listen
Audio by Mrs. Holland's 3rd Grade Students

What is a Friend

March 2007

In Kindergarten, we are reading books about friendship.
Fox Makes Friends by Adam Relf and Little Quack’s New Friend by Lauren Thompson and Derek Anderson.

Listen to Our Podcasts ~ What is a good friend?
* Click and wait while audio loads!

Mrs. Cobin's AM Class

Mrs. Cobin's PM Class

Mrs. Greaux's AM Class

Mrs. Greaux's PM Class

Mrs. Hirsch's PM Class


Research Projects ~ 2007 ~ 3rd Grade
The 3rd graders began their research projects in February. They will begin podcasting "Thesis Statements" for the projects they selected during the week of March 6th! Take a look at our Research Project Organizer ~ of course the students save their work when they are logged in. Many students have worked at home and during their in-door recess. I am so proud of them!

Black History Month Biographies ~ 3rd Grade
The 3rd graders completed their biography book-it projects for in February. In addition to creating a "Big Book" of there biographies, we will post several of them here with podcasts.


Podcasting Tips from Darius and Lillian

Five Star Books

Our first writing and podcast project this year is to share our favorite books using the Five Star Book Project Organizer.


by Kathleen Duey
Review by Mafuse - 3H

The Heart & Lungs

by Tracy Maurer
Review by Pamela - 3H

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish

by Neil Gaiman
Review by Lillian - 3W

Night of the New Magicians

by Mary Pope Osborne
Review by William - 3W

Mabel O'Leary Put Peas
in Her Ear-Y

by Mary Delaney
Review by Ashley - 3H


by Pam Storey
Review by Zennijha - 3H

The Great Show & Tell Disaster
by Mike Reiss
Review by Mafuse - 3H

The Frog Prince
by Paul Galdone
Review by Pamela - 3H
CLICK TO HERE MORE 5 Star Book Reports

Click to Listen

The Cat
by Sophia
Mrs. Bloom's Class - June 2006

Listen to Sophia Read her story -
Click to read Sophia's story and enjoy her illustrations!

2nd Graders Learn About Sea Turtles

The second graders are learning about sea turtles. Click here to see some of their drawings of the sea turtle life cycle.

Let us tell you about the sea turtle life cycle:

Mrs. Sanchez


More Life Cycle Albums..
Mrs. Randhare's Life Cycle Pictures

Click the Picture!

High School Musical
by Janie - 3M

I give this movie 10,000 exclamation marks. There are many characters in this movie. They are Troy, his friend Ryan, Troy's basketball team, the coach Mr. Bolton who is the basketball coach and Troy’s dad, Gabriella, Sharpay, Taylor, and Mrs. Darbus the school music teacher.

Troy is a basketball player and he met a girl named Gabriella. Gabriella said she wanted to be in the school musical. Troy told his dad that he wanted to be in the musical and his dad said, "You are not a singer." Troy said, "Can’t I be both a singer and a basketball player?"

There were three things going at the some time in this movie. They were: the math decathlon; the school musical; and the basketball championship game. Taylor and Gabriella shut off the scoreboard. Chad told Troy to go to the school musical. Then Sharpay and Ryan sang “Bop to the Top”. Gabriella and Troy sang “Breaking Free”. To find out what happens in the movie, you’ll have to watch it.

The movie is on the Disney channel and it plays every couple of weeks.

Learning About Whales

We are learning about whales in the library. We will read books, watch video clips, create graphic organizers to record what we are learning, and then we will write our own whale books.

Before Learning About Whales.... Listen to our podcasts to find out what we know about whales already. We will create another recording after our whale unit so that we can share what we learned.

Mrs. Feldberg's Class

Mrs. Bloom's Class

Mrs. Miller's Class

Mrs. Holland's AM Class

Mrs. Higgin's Class

Mrs. Duffy's Class

After Learning About Whales.... Listen to our podcasts to find out what we learned about whales.

Mrs. Hirsch's PM Class

Mrs.Vicker's Class

Severe Hurricanes
by Julia – 3D

My article is about hurricanes. These are some of their names: Arthur, Bertha, Cristobel, Dolly, Eduardo, Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Isadora and Josephine, Kyle, Lily. Hurricanes are severe tropical storms. Four of the biggest hurricanes are Camille, Gilbert, Betsy, and Andrew. Hurricanes winds are 65-200 miles per hour! They move in a counter-clockwise direction.

Hurricanes form over warm ocean water. Hurricane damage happens because the hurricane carries water and causes flooding along the coast. A group of pilots called Hurricane Hunters fly through hurricanes to measure the size and warn the people. Hurricanes are measured with an intensity scale. Hurricanes are scaled from 1- 5 depending on how strong the wind is. Five is the worst.

In the hurricane, there is a clear spot called the eye. There is no wind or rain in the eye of the hurricane. Hurricanes are constantly moving. Sometimes they go out to sea and stay there. Other times they go out to sea and come back to land and that causes a lot of damage. The hurricane carries water and causes flooding along the coast.

I got my information from two web links: FEMA for Kids and Hurricane Katrina Timeline.

View Poem: Let Us Keep His Dream Alive

Sung by Mrs. Bloom's 1st Grade Class

Sung by Mrs. Miller's 1st Grade Class

Sung by Mrs. Berlesky's 1st Grade Class

Sung by Mrs.Feldberg's 1st Grade Class

Read by Mrs. Miller's 1st Grade Class

Dr. King
Author Unknown

Dr. King was a man
Who cared for you and me.
He dreamed of a world,
Filled with love,
And peace and harmony.
Happy birthday, Dr. King,
Happy birthday to you.
We will work for peace today
To help your dream come true.

Sung by Mrs. Hepburn's 2nd Grade Class

View Poem: Let Us Keep His Dream Alive

My Trip to the Dominican Republic
by Jodalisa - 3J

My mom, dad, little brother Jomar, and I went to the Dominican Republic for a Christmas and New Year's party. We stayed at a beautiful hotel named Hamaca Coral. Our plans were to initially stay at my uncle's house. Instead, we stayed at the hotel and watched the story of how Jesus Christ was born. On the beach was a setup of the reenactment of his birth. There were angels, the three kings, Mary and Joseph. They had shiny lights, a twinkling star, and a crib made out of leaves and tree branches. It was a heavenly sight. On New Year's Eve, we had a fancy dinner on the beach. There were two live bands that played salsa and meringue. We waited happily for New Year's Day to arrive.

Assist Robots
By Serena – 3D

A doctor invented assist robots to help patients that go into space or are not close to a doctor who can help them. The small robots are the size of a thumb and cost two hundred thousand dollars, but in the future they will cost less. The robot can go inside a patient's body and perform surgery. When they do that, they can make smaller incisions. Doctors invented these robots to perform surgery if the patient got a heart attack or some other illness.

The robots can perform smaller incisions when they go into a patient's body. The doctor tried it on animals and soon the doctor will try it on people in France. The doctor invented the "Assist Robot" because he thought he could help patients that had a heart attack or other diseases. The doctor is a little worried about the patients and said that if the robot did not work, he would feel like it was his fault.

By Janie – 3M

Hi, my name is Janie. I am a cheerleader. I love being on a cheerleading team. There are 58 kids doing cheerleading. The name of the cheerleading team is Grandview Gators. The Gator (Alligator) is our school mascot.

We are making lots of new tricks and cheers. Some of them are spirit song, stop look and listen, keep it up, GG OO Song. We are also going to be doing tumbling.

I am going to be a little nervous about dancing a front of the 1 graders, 2 graders, and kindergartners. Last year the cheerleaders were fabulous because the song made me start dancing on my chair. It was like the song, “I Like To Move It, Move It”, from the Madagascar movie.

We are going to do the real cheerleading on June 14, 2006. I am going to be a little nervous about it. I will be a cheerleader when I am a teenager. This is the best school because there is cheerleading.

Rosa and Her Adventurous Long Life
by Lauren ~ Class 3D

The women who changed the course of History (Rosa Parks) died of natural causes in her home in Detroit. She died October 24, 2005. It was a very sad death. In this article you will learn what it was like to live in the olden days, you will experience a flash back to the olden days, and you will read where Rosa Parks went to school and why she was put in jail.

Rosa changed the course of history by refusing to give a white man a bus seat in Montgomery. She was thrown in jail because back then if you were a black person and the bus was full, the bus driver would tell you to get up and get off the bus so the white person could sit down. Rosa was fined ten dollars and four more dollars for court fees. All together she was fined fourteen dollars and back then fourteen dollars was a lot. It was so depressing reading this story about our own fighter, Rosa Parks

Rosa attended an African school that had one room and was only open five months a year that only went up to sixth grade. At age eleven Rosa was sent to Montgomery to continue her studies. Five years later she had to take care of her sick grandmother and then her mother.

I got this information from many sources. I got them from websites and a newspaper article. I got my websites from Mrs. Chauncey our school librarian at Grandview Elementary in Monsey.

I wrote the story because in my class my teacher Mrs. Danis made us do a current event which is when you pick an article in the news paper and write a summary and a personal response that's how I got The Rosa Parks story. Which I call, Rosa and Her Adventurous Long Life.


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