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First Grade 2005-2006

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Dear Big, Green, Ugly Monster
cover coverby Ruth Marie Berglin
Little Joe believes a monster lives under his bed. He hears the monster clawing and scraping. The monster pulls the covers off his bed. His mother tries to help by mixing up green "monster spray". His father gives him a flashlight to drive the beast away. Then, one night, his mother reads him the story of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" and Joes decides that words will be his weapon!
(Unit: Communications, Letter Writing, Feelings)

Grandma's House
cover coverby Elaine Moore
A little girl spends the summer at her grandmother's house in the country, a time which they both thoroughly enjoy. Grandma spends her time enjoying such simple pleasures of baking, gardening, and eating ice cream .. with her grandchild.(Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Family)

It Could Have Been Worse
cover coverby A. H. Benjamin
Mouse is on his way home when he loses his balance and falls to the ground. He grouses that this isn't his lucky day--but the clear, colorful pictures show that the fall saved him just in time from a big cat that was about to pounce. The same thing happens when he falls into a dark hole; he doesn't realize that he has escaped a bird. A thistle makes him jump, and he escapes a snake . . . and so on. Children will enjoy the suspenseful story and the way the pictures tell them what Mouse doesn't know about his dangers and his narrow escapes. -- Booklist (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Resilience)

Hooray For You!: A Celebration of "You-ness"
cover coverby Marianne Richmond
In this celebration of the individual, Richmond encourages readers to embrace their unique traits and talents. Written in rhyme, the text defines "you-ness" as something "Quite hard to describe,/it's your style of being, your rhythm or vibe./It's the grand sum of you that sets you apart./Your body and brains plus your spirit and heart." -- School Library Journal (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Talents, Traits)

You Look Ridiculous, Said the Rhinoceros to the Hippopotamus
cover coverby Bernard Waber
A hippopotamus is wallowing very happily in her favorite mudhole until a snooty rhinoceros ambles along and tells her she looks ridiculous because she doesn't have a horn on her nose. So begins Bernard Waber's hilarious tale of an insecure hippo, who suffers from a severe inferiority complex until she realizes she's just fine the way she is, "a big, fat, wonderful hippopotamus". -- Amazon (Unit: Individual Development & Identity - Diversity)

My Five Senses
cover coverby Aliki
Slight in text, but often visually striking, this book introduces the subject through photographs of five children, each of a different race or ethnicity. An African-American girl looks at herself, her shadow, her dog, and her city, each illustrated with a full-color photograph of her interacting with the topic at hand. The pattern is repeated by each child: "with my nose I smell popcorn, a horse, flowers, and garbage. With my mouth I taste..." Finally, readers are told, "With our five senses, we enjoy our world." -- School Library Journal excerpt (Unit: My Body)

I Pledge Allegiance: the Pledge of Allegiance
cover by Bill Martin, Jr.
This engaging, informative book not only emphasizes the importance of this ritual, but also gives the history and significance of each word and phrase, e.g., "A pledge is a promise." "Allegiance is loyalty." -- School Library Journal (Unit: Patriotism)

Dear Mr. Blueberry
cover coverby Simon James
It is summer, and Emily discovers that a whale is living in the pond in her yard. Eager to learn more about this amazing animal, she writes a series of letters to her teacher, Mr. Blueberry, asking for information about whales and their habits. The humor of the situation lies in Mr. Blueberry's replies. He sends Emily some details, but he is also quite adamant that whatever is in her pond is not a whale since they live in salt water. Nevertheless, both Emily and readers know that indeed there is a whale in the pond, and the proof is the amusing, full-page watercolor cartoons. Emily shares her letters with the whale, who, after hearing about his species' migratory habits, leaves the pond to return to the ocean.
-- School Library Journal excerpt
(Unit: Communication, Language for Social Interaction)

The Jolly Postman
cover coverby Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Fifteen years ago, long before anyone else thought of tucking actual letters and notes inside a book, Little, Brown published The Jolly Postman by Allan and Janet Ahlberg. This wonderful book gave children a chance to read letters sent from one fairy tale or Mother Goose character to another. Among the funny notes was one from Jack, who lolled on a sun-drenched island, thanking the Giant for the gold that let him afford such a nifty vacation. All this amusing correspondence was deftly illustrated and the book attracted hordes of eager readers.
(Unit: Communication, Language for Social Interaction)

Never Mail an Elephant
cover coverby Mike Thaler
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but find out what happens when our young hero tries to mail an elephant to his cousin for her birthday. A delightfully silly tale!
(Unit: Communication, Language for Social Interaction)

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