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A Precious Gift ...Reading With Your Child

Your child may be reading simple text, but he can understand more complex stories. The stories you share will challenge her with ideas and vocabulary that will build comprehension skills and background knowledge. It's OK to read a favorite book over and over again.
Podcast - The Value of Repeated Reading.

Select books from a variety of genres and topics including: non-fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, poetry, fantasy, and biography. There are many resources which recommend books by age level. One of my favorite sites is Reading Rockets. Enjoy the video interviews with authors and illustrators.

Jim Trelease has written about the value of reading aloud to children for 25 years. His book, The Read-Aloud Handbook, is a classic. If you have a young man at home, make sure to visite Guys Read a site dedicated to boys and books by Jon Scieszka.

Author Mem Fox has written many books for children. Her website includes a read-aloud guide.See her book, Reading Magic. Listen to Mem Fox read aloud.
Listen to Kate DiCamillo read the first chapter of The Magician's Elephant.

The Family Reading Partnership, located in Ithaca, NY, promotes reading through several community initiatives. Sign up for their newsletter - At Home with Books.

Literacy Lava is erupting with great tips for parents, and suggestions for literacy activities to share with kids. If you enjoy discovering new ways to incorporate reading, writing and creating into everyday life...If you think you'd like a little lava to read with your java...

If the price tag FREE appeals to you... Literacy Lava Newsletters Website & Issue 1


If your budget allows, subscribe to one or two children's magazines. Your child will look forward to receiving a new issue in the mailbox each month! Consider: Highlights for Children, Your Big Backyard, National Geogrpahic for Kids and many more. You can also read the latest issues at the library.


Remember to monitor your child when he is working on the web -- for every great site there are many which are inappropriate for children.

You can also visit websites with your child. Field Trip Earth - Just the Facts is one of thousands which includes content for children. Just the Facts includes a set of articles about animals designed especially for emerging readers. Articles include stunning pictures and some have video clips.

Don't Forget Audio Books

Add audio books to your child's library. Research tells us that listening to recorded books improves fluency, expands vocabulary, activates prior knowledge, develops comprehension, and increases motivation to interact with books.

Audiobooks are especially inviting to emerging readers whose skills haven't caught up with their interests.

Visit StorylineOnline to enjoy books recorded by authors of the Screen Actors Guild!

Audio books are available for all genres of literature. Don't forget to look for non-fiction recorded books. Sign audio books out at the library. Exchange them weekly to keep your child's collection fresh and interesting. When relatives ask what to buy your child for special occasions, give them a wish list of audio books from which to choose.
Also see: Audiobooks & Literacy: An Educator’s Guide to Utilizing Audiobooks in the Classroom

Visit The Library!

Visit your local public library often and be sure to get your child his own library card! Ask the children's librarian if there are story time hours at the library.

Please stop in and visit the Grandview Library -- visit the grade level links to find out what's happening! Find out what books we have in our library by visiting our library catalog page and entering a title, author, or keyword in the search box

Book Talk

Thinkfinity Literacy Network provides fun, interactive resources that parents and caregivers can use to support children's language and literacy. Click here to visit!

Before Reading...
Make sure that your child can see the pictures and text in the book that you are sharing.
Talk with your child about the title and illustrations. Ask if she can guess what the book is going to be about.

While Reading...

Stop occasionally and ask questions. You should note that these are questions which require your child to think and give opinions!

"Why do you think Goldilocks disobeyed her mother and wandered into the forest?"

"How do you think Goldilocks felt when she opened her eyes and saw the bears staring down at her?"

Ask your child to make predictions about what will happen next.

See: Asking the Right Question, Literature Questions, Literature Question Cards to learn about the types of questions which encourage critical thinking.

After You Are Done Reading...

Ask a few more questions:

"What was your favorite part of the story?"

"Will you tell your doll the story while I fold the laundry?"

"Would you like me to read another book by the same author?"

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